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The AZ Dwelling Diva
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My team and I work together every day serving buyers and sellers across the Phoenix metro valley. We specialize in working with BUYERS AND SELLERS…NOT properties. We are in the PEOPLE business and without you….we wouldn’t be here!

I personally primarily work with investors, ‘regular’ (traditional) sellers and distressed sellers through the introduction, analysis and negotiation of all transactions. My team and I assist our distressed sellers through the often grueling pre-foreclosure and relocation process. I also have a network of investors that allows me to offer alternative solutions to my distressed sellers. Making those connections often eases some of the pain and creates a win win solution for everyone.

I also specialize in working with “fix and flip” investors. I partner with a few select investors where a relationship based on trust and results has been established. We work together as a team directly with an affordable, efficient and quality driven home renovation team. Most of my investors are out of state and rely on my knowledge and experience so that they can make money by simply writing checks and signing docs…..I take care of the rest! I assist and guide my investors with procuring the right properties, while personally managing the ‘fix and flip’ process from start to finish. I colorize the homes and decide where the renovation budget will be spent. I get my hands dirty, and treat these investment ventures as if the funds being used are my own. I even personally stage the listings for sale to maximize profits and squeeze out every possible dollar, so that my Investors get to experience the full potential return on their investment. I go well above and beyond, and I can guarantee you that I earn every penny and am worth far more. I am always looking for new investors to grow and expand my network, as I am always digging for new investment opportunities to expand their portfolios.

I do work with buyers as well, though I can’t simply manage everything on my own, and always want to be sure my clients are receiving the personal attention and stellar service that they deserve. Thus, I have a few select Buyer’s agents throughout the valley who I call on often to assist me by trudging through the muddy waters of short sales, new construction, traditional sales and bank owned properties to successfully work as a team with our clients so that they may procure their next new home.

I have been a Full Time licensed Realtor since 2002 and have held various sales and marketing roles since 1995. I was a Sales Manager with Pulte Homes, but learned that my true passion was to practice general real estate from the comforts of my own home. Now I actually get to see my family! I was licensed prior to the “boom” so that qualifies me as someone who can sell a home other than during the “boom” when all you needed was a phone, a pen and a pulse.

I am not much of a corporate girl anymore, and hang my license with a small, local boutique broker who values family as much as I do. I grew up around Real Estate and started assisting my father in his real estate office on the weekends in my “tweens”. I have three children, and real estate is a family business in my household. Even my little guy likes to help with some of the ‘grunt’ work. My Mother manages the office and transactions, and you will often find my kids helping with the home staging process. My ex is even one of my buyer’s agents! I am sorry if you came to this page to find out if I am single, have a dog, like to play golf or to find out what kind of food I like. If you really want to know that, drop me an email and I will fill you in.

I flew to AZ from Connecticut on August 3, 1999 with two suitcases, $1500 in my pocket, and my dog Sunny (now deceased). I had no idea what to expect, but I heard that AZ was sunny and I was tired of the less than desirable weather in CT. I know what it’s like to want OUT and be willing to completely change your life to come here. It’s a good thing I didn’t know just how hot it gets here, or I may not have come. Yes, the heat can be overwhelming, especially if you are not used to living in an oven. But it lasts just a few months, and I will take an oven any day over icky muggy hot or bone chilling cold weather. You go from your air conditioned home to your air conditioned car to your air conditioned job/school/etc. Not to mention that, if you have a pool or regular access to one, it truly doesn’t feel like an oven any more.

Why Me? I’m a smart cookie and I think outside of the box…..the constant changes and roller coaster ride in the Phoenix market and economy have helped me become a better agent, not left me drowning and contemplating a new career. I don’t sweat the small stuff and I don’t take “NO” for an answer. If a Short Sale negotiation starts to head South, you can bet I will start rattling executive cages, all the way to the top of the food chain. I don’t give up easily and I fight to the bitter end….which is especially important when you are choosing an agent to represent you with the short sale of your home. I get excited about real estate. It keeps me awake at night, and I wake up thinking about it. Fortunately, my kids succeed in winding me down every now and then. I love everything about real estate. I love the people I meet, I love to problem solve and get creative. I love the satisfaction I feel when I make my investors significant profits, and when I can help someone find a home they love or successfully sell a home they no longer need or want. I love change and I love how, in this business, there is nothing but change! I love constantly working to improve and perfect my craft of helping people buy or sell real estate. I LOVE how technology has evolved our field and I simply wish there was more time in the day so that I could learn all the different ways to utilize technology within my business.

The Phoenix Metro area is very opportunistic now, homes are affordable and rates are good! We look forward to meeting you and assisting you to buy or sell your home in the Phoenix Arizona market!

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